To pull this information, you can run a ReportWriter Transaction report using the fields under "Participant Information". The participant information reflects the information of the person the gift was soft-credited to (if any) while the donor information will show you the information for the person who actually made the donation.

Steps to do this:
  1. Go to "Data Management" > "Reports" > "Reports Writer"
  2. Click "Create a New Report"
  3. Select "Transactions"
  4. Select "Transaction Details" from the radio buttons.
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Now we will scroll down and check mark the following boxes: (this will give us the information on the people who gave to the participant)
    Address - City
    Address - State/Province
    Address - Street 1
    Address - Street 2
    Address - ZIP/Postal Code
    Constituent ID
    First Name
    Last Name
  7. Now we will need to scroll down further and check mark the rest of these boxes: (This is the information for the participant who received the donation)
    Participant Constituent ID
    Participant First Name
    Participant Last Name
    Participant Email

    There will already be a few boxes checked marked at the bottom of the screen, leave them checked and click on Next.
  8. On this screen (Order and rename columns) click "Next"
  9. On this (Select Sort order) click "Next."

    Now, under Configure Filters:
  10. Click "Edit" on the right side of Transaction purpose and check mark the "Credit and "Debit boxes. Uncheck "Edit at Runtime'"
    Then click on "Save this filter"
  11. Then click on The next filter option and click on the first drop down menu. Set to "Event" for both drop downs. Then click on "more..."
    and select your event. Also, Uncheck "Edit at Runtime'" box.
    Then click on "Save this filter"
  12. Then click on "Next"
  13. Name your report and click on Next.
  14. Click on Save report at the bottom (Green Button)
  15. Then go ahead and run your report from the list displaying all the reports.