Individual gifts that are entered into your offline database do not sync up to Luminate Online. However, they will be factored into External Giving Summary fields such as External Lifetime Gift Amount.  If your Online gifts are all set to sync into your external database, then the External fields should include both Online and Offline amounts. As such, if your online gifts do sync to your external database, you can use the External Giving Summary fields to include online and offline amounts. It is important to note that if you do not sync some or all of your online gifts, the External Giving Summary fields will only include whatever does sync to your offline database.
When you create a dynamic ask in an email, those External Giving Summaries are not listed as options. However, once you have created the Dynamic Ask component, an S88 or E88 tag is created with a giving summary field being used. If you then disable the WYSIWG, you can replace the field that was chosen with one of the External Giving Summary fields (eg external_largest_gift_amount). Below are the External Giving Summary fields:
  • External First Gift Date: external_first_gift_date
  • External First Gift Amount: external_first_gift_amount
  • External Last Gift Date: external_last_gift_date
  • External Last Gift Amount: external_last_gift_amount
  • External Largest Gift Date: external_largest_gift_date
  • External Largest Gift Amount: external_largest_gift_amount
  • External YTD Gift Amount: external_ytd_gift_amount
  • External YTD Gift Count: external_ytd_gift_count
  • External Lifetime Gift Amount: external_lifetime_gift_amount
  • External Lifetime Gift Count: external_lifetime_gift_count

Note: Refer to How do I make suggested donation levels dynamic (BB745487) for instructions on how to create a dynamic ask component on a donation form.