1. Go to Data Management > Query >Create New Query
  2. Enter a name and description for your query and then click save.
  3. In the following screen, from the first drop down box labeled field type choose address.
  4. From the second drop down box labeled field choose home state/province
  5. Then click the button that says "add field clause."
  6. In the pop up window the first two drop downs should already say "home address" and "equals". If they do not choose those values.
  7. In the third drop down menu you will choose the state in question, and then click save.
  8. After you have clicked save on the pop up window click "Save Query."
  9. Then Click Run Query.

The list of constituents in the selected state is being generated. To create a group of the constituents complete the following steps.
  1. Once your query has completed and your results are ready, in the result screen in the upper right hand corner there will be a button that reads “Use Query.” Click this button.
  2. Once you have selected this option a dialog box will appear that gives you the option to “Create Group”.
  3. Select the “Create Group” option and click go.
  4. In the following screen you will Name your group, select a security group, and group type.
  5. The last option in this screen is to set your query to run automatically, to add future constituents who meet the criteria into your group.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the settings you have chosen click save.