Ensure the participant credited (Solicitor) with the donation has been processed as an Event Registration or Sign Up Request. 

If the Solicitor has duplicate records in Raiser's Edge, merge their records into 1, keeping the record which has the SphereConstituentIdentifier that relates to the Supporter ID in Sphere of the contact record with the event registration information.

If the Solicitor only has one record in Raiser's Edge:
  1. In Sphere, Navigate to Contacts>Individuals
  2. Search for the Solicitor
  3. If there are multiple records in Sphere, locate the record that contains the Event Registration for the Solicitor and click Manage
  4. Locate the Supporter ID and copy it
  5. Open the Solicitor's record in Raiser's Edge
  6. Click the Attributes Tab
  7. Next to the SphereConstituentIdentifier, under Description, replace the existing number with the Supporter ID copied from Sphere
  8. Click Save, then attempt to process the donation