Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Ensure that you have full internet connectivity through WiFi.
  2. If the connection to WiFi is not strong, turn off WiFi and try using Data.
  3. If the Data connection is also not strong, try connecting to the app in a different location with a stronger connection.
  4. Log into the BBMS Web Portal. and ensure that you have an Active Account Configuration listed from Account Configurations.
  5. If you are not able to manage the Account Configurations due to "You cannot manage your account configurations until your Blackbaud Payment Services credentials are entered in Blackbaud Merchant Services", follow the steps in Error: Unable to connect to the Blackbaud Payment Service. Please contact your merchant service account administrator when logging into Blackbaud MobilePay
  6. Ensure you are on the current version of MobilePay. Access your App or Google Play Store and search: Blackbaud MobilePay.
    • Click Update if applicable to download the latest version of MobilePay

Other solutions:

  1. Review Email Receipt Settings within the BBMS Web Portal and Settings selected in the MobilePay Application
    1. Go to Account Management > General Settings
    2. Click Edit Email Acknowledgement Settings
    3. Remove any instances of the & symbol in the "From display name", "Default subject" or "Default refund subject" lines
    4. Click Save
  1. Check for the "&" symbol in the above fields and remove from The MobilePay App via Menu > Settings
  2. From the device's default browser, navigate to . If you are unable to access this site, or if it loads very slowly, contact your internet or data provider to confirm that the appropriate Network Path is configured so that BBMS can be accessed by the device.
  3. Uninstall the MobilePay app, reinstall and log back in to refresh the connection of the app to BBMS (Note: A new device name will need to be created and approved.)