Blackbaud Merchant Service Account Configurations control which credit card types can be processed through the BBMS account, as well as the level of AVS or CSC check will be preformed at the time of a transaction when a transaction is processed using a specific Account Configuration.  At least one Account Configuration is required for each currency associated with a BBMS account.  It is possible to have multiple Account Configurations per currency type, for situations where different security requirements are necessary (i.e. one account with CSC set to Full for use when a transaction is being processed through your website and a second account where CSC is set to None for use when a transaction is processed through the Card Present Terminal in the BBMS Web Portal).

Follow the steps below to add a new Account Configuration:
  1. Log into your BBMS web portal.
  2. From Account Management > General settings
  3. From Account Configurations > Click the Add configuration button
  4. Enter a Name for the account. This name will appear in your software when choosing between accounts
  5. Enter a description for this account, if desired
  6. Select the Currency that should be disbursed to your bank account when transactions are processed through this Account Configuration
  7. Select your Card Security Code (CSC) level
  8. Select your  Address Verification System (AVS) level
  9. Select your Process mode (i.e. Live when processing live cards, Test or Demo for a test environment)
  10. Mark the checkboxes for the card types that will be accepted through this Account Configuration (note: Maestro is only available for deposits in Euros)
  11. Click Save