Exchange rate download process fails with a message indicating the maximum number of unregistered requests has been exceeded

When running the exchange rate dowload process, the process completes with the following exceptions:

Unable to download rate information: Xignite Registration Error: XigniteCurencies: Maximum number of unregistered requests has been exceeded
The currency exchange rate download functionality when introduced in Blackbaud CRM was based on integration with Xignite, a third-party financial web service. To use this service, customers were required to have a subscription with Xignite. Since the initial release, Xignite and Blackbaud CRM have both enhanced their respective product offerings. With Blackbaud CRM version 4.0, the download process and integration with Xignite is no longer compatible. The currency exchange rate functionality in Blackbaud CRM is still available, with customers having the ability to manually import or add from their preferred sources. However, the download process itself, and its integration with Xignite is no longer available.
Blackbaud looks forward to continuing to evaluate the currency needs of our clients so we can provide the best possible solutions with Blackbaud CRM.



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