There are two locations uploaded documents can be viewed from within the NetCommunity website.

Form Data

  1. Navigate to Site Explorer > Forms
  2. Click the Data tab
  3. Enter any desired filters on the left hand side to search for and locate the form submission
    • Any forms that have a file attachment will have a column with a paperclip image on them. If you want to arrange by forms that have attachments, click the column header for the paperclip.
  4. To open the attachment, click the paperclip for that particular form submission and click on the file attachment

Files Folder

  • Confirm the folder associated with the document part on the form. If you already know the associated folder, you can skip to the next section.
    1. ​​Navigate to Site Explorer>Forms
    2. Locate the form in question and click the Pencil icon to edit it
    3. Locate the File Attachment field on the form and click the Pencil icon to edit it
    4. Next to Select document part, note the name of the document part
  • Locate the file in the associated folder
    1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Files
    2. In the left hand pane, click the folder name you confirmed above
    3. Locate the document and click the magnifying glass to open it