There are no productized ways to do offline gift forms with Multilocale. There are 3 ways to work around this:
  • Easy for the admin and the constituents: Create a single form that shows all the necessary languages.
  • Easy for the admin, hard on the constituents: Upload seperate forms for each language into either the Document Library or your FTP. Then create language aware links that go to the correct file depending on locale.
    • Note: This forms will not autopopulate using S-tags.
  • Hard on the admin, easy on the constituents:
    1. Create seperate forms and have those files implemented by support just as a normal form.
    2. Name the forms using this convention: "TRGiftForm_en_US.1051.pdf" (for a specific event) or "TRGiftForm_en_US.pdf"
    3. Manually create links in the Participant Personal Page using this convention (relative link): "TRGiftForm?form=TRGiftForm_[[S72:locale]]&fr_id=[[S334:fr_id]]&px=[[S334:px]]"
      • Note: This is a bit a work around. Support will be unable to assist in this process beyond implementing the forms using the normal process. Contact Support and reference this article.