Recognition credits do not default correctly when new constituents, and gifts for those constituents, are imported into an Enhanced Revenue Batch

When creating a new Enhanced Revenue Batch using the import functionality, CRM users may notice recognition credits do not default correctly for new constituents. The columns in the import file containing the information needed to create a new constituent record are mapped to the CRM fields included in the New Constituent collection field. The new donor's default recognition credit type is determined by the value in the New  Constituent Recognition Credit Type field, which is also a part of the New Constituent collection field . 

There is also a Recognition Credits collection field. The information imported using the Recognition Credits collection field takes precedents over the New Constituent Recognition Credit Type field. However, the Recognition Credits collection field can only be used to apply recognition credits to existing constituents. In the event an existing constituent and a new donor should both receive recognition credits for a donation rendered, the options available in the import will only allow us to assign recognition credits for the existing donor.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.



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