1. Log into Luminate Online.
  2. Go to Data Management > Queries.
  3. Click "Create a New Query."
  4. Give the query a name and description and click "Save."
  5. For Field choose "System" and for Field Type choose "Active Status" and click "Add Field Clause."
  6. Leave the first drop down as "Equals" and change the next to "Removed" and click "Save."
  7. Click "Save Query" and then "Run Query."
  8. Click "Refresh" until the query loads, and then you can choose to use query and "Create a Mail Merge List."
  9. Give the Mail Merge a Name and Description, then choose "Biographical Information/Constituent ID" and click "Add Selected" then click "Next Step."
  10. On the next page click "Confirm."
  11. Then you will be able to click the floppy disk icon to download this list to an excel sheet.