There are a number of statuses for recurring gifts. They can be basically broken down by gifts that are still viable and those that will never try again.

Viable pledges:
  • Active - This is the default state of all gifts
  • Postponed - This indicates that the donor or an admin has scheduled a skip on the gift so that the donor will not be charged during the next cycle (but still may be in future cycles).
  • Lapsed (transactions are failing, but still being attempted) - This indicates that the gift is active but failed last cycle. It will be tried again on the next cycle.
Pledges that will never be tried again:
  • Complete - The gift had a set number of cycles it was going to be tried during and it has reached its planned end.
  • Cancelled - User - The donor canceled the gift.
  • Cancelled - Card Error - The gift was canceled for having card problems.
  • Cancelled - Other - The gift was canceled for other reasons.
  • Cancelled - Card Expired - The gift was canceled due to an out of date expiration date.
  • Cancelled - Excessive Failures - The gift was canceled due to too many failed gifts in a row.
Note: Once a gift has completed or been cancelled for any reason, it cannot be restored or restarted.