The fields that are used as a part of this calculation are:

Lifetime Transaction Count 

YTD Transaction Count 
Last Year Transaction Count 
First Transaction Date 
Last Transaction Date 
Largest Transaction Date 
Active Sustainer 
Lifetime Transaction Amount 
YTD Transaction Amount 
Last Year Transaction Amount 
First Transaction Amount 
Last Transaction Amount 
Largest Transaction Amount 
Open Major Gift 
First Combined Amount 
First Combined Date 
First Soft Credit Amount 
First Soft Credit Date 
Largest Combined Amount 
Largest Combined Date 
Largest Soft Credit Amount 
Largest Soft Credit Date 
Last Combined Amount 
Last Combined Date 
Last Soft Credit Amount 
Last Soft Credit Date 
Last Year Combined Amount 
Last Year Combined Count 
Last Year Soft Credit Amount 
Last Year Soft Credit Count 
Lifetime Combined Amount 
Lifetime Combined Count 
Lifetime Soft Credit Amount 
Lifetime Soft Credit Count 
YTD Combined Amount 
YTD Combined Count 
YTD Soft Credit Amount 
YTD Soft Credit Count

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