1. Navigate to the Email tab and choose Stationary from the list
  2. Choose Create a new Stationary
  3. Name your stationary, and choose a security code
  4. Select the applications that you would like to use this stationary with (for participant center choose: Email from TeamRaiser Participants, Personal Event Hosts, and Personal Fundraising Champions)
  5. On step 2 choose the style sheet options you would like to use
  6. On step 3 you will choose the basic layout of the email
  7. Once you have navigated to step for you will add any headers and html content you will need to the stationary
  8. If you would like to use plan text content you will enter it on step 5.
  9. Step 6 allows you to choose a thumbnail that will display when your constituents are choosing which stationary to use.
  10. On step you can preivew your design and publish it for use