Number and letters prepopulate in medical fields on forms

When parents fill out Online Reenrollment forms the data will prepopulate.  In medical fields we may see various numbers and letters instead of the values listed on the Student record.

Physician Name:  F7856D20025BB1256
Medical Insurance Company:  88DDEF7786BB1256700140
Group Number:  10EAF445698000EEBB115663330000
Subscriber Number:  EA7005933300BBAF1460029
The Education Edge has added data encryption for medical fields in the database in version 7.86.  When the Raiser's Edge Web Services (REWS) server is not updated, the NetCommunity side of the system will not know how to interpret the encrypted data.

Update the Education Edge installation on the REWS machine.


 Education Edge 7.86.93, patch 0 ; Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.55.526, patch 0

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