There are two different ways to resize the image, but if the image is too large, you will get this error message.
  1. Go to the specific appeal mailing or acknowledgement and click Edit on the letter that has the image
  2. Scroll down to "Write your letter's content" and click Edit
  3. First, click on the Insert Image button within the editor
  4. Click on the image that you are using in the list of images, and click the Pencil button (Edit) in the upper right hand corner
  5. Copy the ID for this image and click Cancel to exit
  6. Click Cancel again to return to the main Content Editor window
  7. Now click on the HTML button
  8. Use the Find feature in Internet Explorer or Chrome (Ctrl + F) and enter the image ID
  9. When you locate the image HTML code, it will look something like this:
    • <img src="pulpit.jpg" alt="Pulpit rock" width="304" height="228">
  10. The “img src” and “alt” will always appear in the code – the size dimensions may not
  11. If there is a width and height (this is in pixels), you can simply edit the numbers and Update
  12. If there is not width and height in the code, you will want to add it in the code, following the example format above – then Update
  13. Save the content
  14. Save the mailing

#2 - Resize the image outside of Altru using Paint (Windows program) or another image editing program
  1. Go to the mailing where the image is being used, and edit the content of the letter
  2. Remove the image from the Content Editor and save the changes to your letter
  3. Open the picture in Paint (or other program) on your computer
  4. Change the size dimensions of the image in the program, and Save the new image to your computer
  5. In Altru, return to the mailing that needs this image and Edit the letter
  6. Now Edit the content to bring up the Content Editor
  7. Click on the Insert Image button
  8. Click on the old image in the list (to highlight it) and click the Delete button in the upper-right hand corner
  9. Now click the Add button in that same corner to upload the resized image file
  10. Give the image a Name and click Choose File to browse your computer for the new image
  11. Save
  12. Click on the new image in the list of images, and click OK to insert it into your Content Editor
  13. Click OK to save the content
  14. Save the mailing