This issue will only affect customers that go through BBPS and use IATS as the processor.

If you are receiving the CVV2 is Required error code, the IATS processor that was added is only linked to your online account, and a second processor that links to the organization's offline account will need to be added. This is referred to as the 01 sub account by IATS, and it can be added by following these steps:

1. Click the arrow next to Management
2. Click My Organization
3. Click eCommerce
4. Click Add IATS-US Processor
5. Fill in a Reference Name (ex: Offline IATS Processor)
6. Fill in your offline IATS account information into the Client Code and Password field (this will be your 01 sub account)
7. Select a Currency; do not check off the box next to Default
8. Click Save

Once this second processor has been added, donations can be manually processed within eTapestry through it:

1. Search for and open account of the donor
2. Click the blue Journal link
3. Select Add Gift/Pledge from the Add New drop down menu
4. Fill in the Received Amount on the left, along with the Fund, Campaign, etc...
5. Click Gift Types tab on the right hand side, select Credit Card
6. Fill in the credit card number and expiration date
7. In the Transaction Processor field, select the IATS Offline Processor that was just added
8. Click Save And Process Transaction

The transaction should now process successfully. Any future manually processed donations should also go through the IATS Offline Account.