Note: If you have your Luminate Online integrated with Raiser's Edge, RELO plug-in, or Luminate CRM, the merging of records would need to be done in the respective databases. 
You can proceed with the following steps to merge records in Luminate Online if you only have Luminate Online without Raiser's Edge (RELO plug-in) or Luminate CRM integration. 

Merge only a few records:
  1. Go to Constituent360 > Constituents.
  2. Find and view the desired constituent.
  3. Click Find Duplicates.
    • Note: If you have Raiser's Edge/Luminate Plug-in, you will not see the Find Duplicates option as un-merging / merging records should be done in Raiser's Edge.
  4. Follow the on screen prompts to find and resolve any existing duplicates.
If you are looking to merge all duplicate records:
  1. Go to Data Management > Duplicate Management
  2. Click Find Duplicates
  3. To resolve the records select the button that says Merge Duplicates
  4. You will have the opportunity to decide which constituent information to keep, and which to leave behind.
  1. Go to Data Management > Import/Export > Resolve New Registrations (tab)
  2. Follow the on screen prompts to resolve any duplicates listed.

  1. Go to Data Management > Tasks > Task List (tab)
  2. Click on Create a New Task.
  3. Click on Duplicate Finder.
  4. Follow on the on screen prompts to create and Save the task.
  5. Find the created task and Run it.
  6. Go to the To Do List tab.
  7. Find the item with the same name as the task and click on it.
  8. Follow the on screen prompts to resolve the listed potential duplicates.

Note: If you utilize other database tools such as LCRM, Common Ground, RaisersEdge, Team Approach, etc, you may need to go through the duplicate management processes for those systems as well. This solution is for duplicate management in Luminate Online alone.