If you're leaving Blackbaud, our Professional Services department offers a Final Data Export which you can purchase if you are moving to another system. Your eTapestry data will exported into multiple tab-delimited files (about 45 total) which are connected through reference id’s. This makes it easy for programmers to connect the various files together to reconstruct the information and import it into another system. Additionally, we will provide a listing of all files that make up the export of your database. The files will also be imported for you into a Microsoft Access database for ease of use. The layout of each table is identical to each text file and includes a ColumnCode.txt file which includes the translations for some of the numeric codes found in the exported data. Please contact your account executive or email sales@eTapestry.com for pricing.

If you wish to export this data on your own, you can follow the directions in our help documentation Create a Database Backup.

You are not required to have a backup of your database on hand as we do retain backups in case you run into any issues. You can read more about that in the article How often is our eTapestry database backed up?