Pledge Status Report Hangs (Freezes, Stops, Locks) in The Raiser's Edge

 When running the Pledge Status Report The Raiser's Edge freezes.
Try each of the following steps to resolve the issue:
  1. Allow the process time to complete. Try running the process after hours or overnight.
    • Consider the number of records being included and how much data is calculated per record. Users reporting unexpected changes in processing time can test potential record corruption or database issues by re-running the same report and only including 1-10 records. If the report completes in a reasonable timeframe attempt to re-run the full report parameters over a longer period of time.
  2. If your Pledge Status report is set to output all constituent records, split it into multiple smaller reports.  For example, create one report that only pulls constituent last names A through M and a second that pulls constituent last names N through Z.
  3. When filtering on one specific campaign, some users report the process hangs significantly. However, other campaigns and other groups of gifts run with no delay.
  4.  Run SQL Server database maintenance.
  5. If using a full version of SQL Server 2008. 2008 R2, 2012. or 2014, make sure it has been prepared for use with Blackbaud databases.
  6. Upgrade to the latest patch and version.

NOTE: Some troubleshooting steps, such as database maintenance are specific to customers whose Raiser's Edge is locally installed


 Raiser's Edge

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