There are a couple of different SDP's (Site Data Parameters) to look at.  In order to do so follow this path:
  1. Go to Setup, Site Options, make sure "All" is selected from the dropdown and click "Go".
  2. Search for the following 2 SDP's to view the current configurations.
  3. NOTIF_FROM:  The email address you enter as an option value for this site option will display in the space containing the email address of the sender of auto-responder email messages originating from your site. Convio template macros may be used.
  4. SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL: This site option holds the email address to which site-level notifications will be sent.

The SDP: "NOTIF_FROM" typically is set with the following: [[S0:SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL]] which will be pulling directly from what is input on this other SDP: SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL.

If the SDP for SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL is blank and does not have a value entered then the other SDP:  "NOTIF_FROM" is not pulling from anything so when viewing the email headers you will see dkim=neutral because there is no use of the From header.  The From header field MUST be signed (that is, included in the "h=" tag of the resulting DKIM-Signature header field)."

Setting and email address value in either the SDP:  "NOTIF_FROM" or "SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL" will rectify the issue of the From header so that notifications will be sent to those listed in the designated areas (Survey or Shared Reports).