Datasync Errors can be caused for multiple reasons, however usually it is related to the connector box not having the correct credentials to connect with the Luminate Server.
Your Luminate Online site attempts to access the RE Connector software by going to the following address: 
If your Luminate Online site cannot access the system at this address then it is unable to sync data with Raiser's Edge. 
Verify the following on the system with the RE Connector Software: 
  1. It is turned on 
  2. It has network connectivity 
  3. It has the Apache service running 
  4. It does not have any firewalls that would block access to port 11921 when coming from Luminate Online addresses 
  5. Our new IP addresses are whitelisted. Luminate Re-IP Project: Whitelisting
  6. The network configuration is correctly forwarding traffic sent to "" to this system 
In order to ensure that your connection is set up correctly, follow the instructions in the Resources for Data Sync Connector.