On the Event Attendees Report, additional gifts will have no value in the Ticket Class Name column. Actual ticket purchases will reflect a variety of values from "Event Ticket", "Single Ticket", "Pair of Tickets" or other such values. To filter additional donations out of the report:
  1. Navigate to Data Management > Reports
  2. Select the Report Writer tab
  3. Either create an Event Attendee Report from scratch or find the existing one and click Edit under the Actions column
  4. On the Configure Filters step, click the Create a Filter button
  5. From the first drop down menu, select Ticket Class
  6. From the second drop down menu, select Ticket Class Name
  7. From the third drop down menu, select Is Not Blank
  8. Click the Add this Filter button
  9. Click Next
  10. Click Next through the Review Criteria Summary step
  11. Click Save Report