Donation forms in Luminate have to be cross-referenced to both a campaign and designation in LCRM, otherwise they will have trouble syncing. A likely reason for this error is that whatever donation form the transaction in question was made through is not properly cross-referenced. Here is how you check this:
  1. Go to Data Management > Luminate Configuration
  2. Click on "Assign Cross References"
  3. Next to "Luminate CRM Donation Form" click "configure"
  4. Click on the cross references tab
Here you will see a list of donation forms and the LCRM campaign and designation they link to. Check if any donation forms have the designation field blank. You will need to assign a designation for the cross-reference. Just click on edit and on step 3.2 you will get to choose from a list of CRM designations you have setup. Once this is done let the service bus run and then rebuild the errors and that should fix them.