For best results, be selective in your search criteria and enter detailed information. Detailed search criteria ensures that you get your search results in a timely manner. In addition, we also recommend following these tips for your search criteria.
  •  For the fastest search results, enter just the constituent’s ID in the search screen’s Lookup ID field.
  • If you don’t have a lookup ID, enter just a name in the Last/Org/Group name field. This is nearly as fast as the Lookup ID field.
    Note: When you enter search criteria in both the Last/Org/Group name and ZIP/Postal code fields, search results are a bit slower. The combination of fields is useful for common last names, but you may want to search by just the last name for less common names.
  • If you place wildcards at the start of search fields, the search screen cannot use indexes and, therefore, search results are much slower. We recommend that you avoid wildcards at the start of search fields, especially the “%” and “*” wildcards that replace multiple characters.
  • If you select Include fuzzy search on name, search results are noticeably slower. This checkbox is useful when you are unsure how to spell a name or suspect your spelling may not match the constituent record. However, when you are confident about how to spell a name, we recommend against using this checkbox.