View as Sponsor icon is small/text label missing and System Constituency Missing when Sponsorship start date is in future

When you have a Sponsorship that is in the future, if the Constituent has no other existing Sponsorships, the “View as Sponsor” Icon from the constituent page is very small, and has no text next to it. You’ll also note that there is no hyperlinked/blue “system” constituency for them when the start date is in the future, although a constituency is present on the tab. If you click on the small View as/label-less icon, it will take you to the Sponsor View, so the icon is obviously for that, it’s just undersized and missing the text label. This is only an issue when the start date for the Sponsorship is in the future. So even on records that experience this, once the start date occurs, the Icon/constituency displays properly.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


 3.0.516 ; 2.91 ; 2.93 ; 2.94

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