To determine or change the Primary Email Type used by Online Express Email Marketing, take the following steps:
  1. Login to The Raiser's Edge with a login that has the proper permissions to access Online Express Email Marketing
  2. Select Email Marketing in Online Express
  3. Click Account>Integration Options.
  4. Select 'Email mapping' on the Online Express Options screen. 
  5. Select the e-mail type you want to be used first from the 'Primary email type' drop-down and the second you want to be considered if that does not exist on the 'Secondary email type' drop-down. (How to format a phone number type to be used for email)
Note: Only one e-mail will be sent to a Constituent if they have one of each type selected for Primary and Secondary UNLESS the box for 'Send to ALL mapped email types for each Constituent' is marked. When this box is marked, an e-mail will be sent to each e-mail that falls within those types, even for Constituents that have both.
  1. Save your changes

Suggested basic Query Criteria to use when creating Email Lists for use with Online Express:
  • Phone Type equal to the selection under Account Contact Information
  • Requests No Email = NO

For more information about Email Marketing strategy, please see our Email Marketing blogs on the npEngage website.

NOTE: It is not an available feature within Online Express to upload a list of email addresses from a CSV or Excel file to send an email.  Emails from Online Express can be sent to Constituents or Relationships to Constituents through the setup of an Email List and the selections within Online Express.