In order to do this you will need to prepare your CSV file to include 3 columns:
  • "constituent ID", "email", or "member ID" - Any of the three of these will work. However, if you have duplicate email addresses or duplicate member IDs, the constituent ID may be required to ensure that the right record is processed. Review this article for more information on how this works.
  • "interest ID" or "interest name" - If you chose to use the name instead of the ID and you mistype the name at all, you risk creating an extra interest with the mistyped name.
  • "Interest Opt-in Flag" - This will need to be set to TRUE or FALSE for each row depending on what is needed.
    • Set to TRUE to add them to the interest category
    • Set to FALSE in order to remove them.
You can add additional fields if needed, but these are the required 3.