1. Start with the URL to your donation form ex: http://SiteName.com/site/Donation2?df_id=1111&1111.donation=form1
    • Add the following argument to select the user entered donation level: &set.DonationLevel=2222
  2. Where 2222 is the level ID which can be found on the Configure Donation Levels page of the donation form.
    • Add the following argument to select the desired amount: &set.Value=1000
  3. Where 1000=$10 and is the auto populated amount desired in the amount field.
The final result should look something like this

If the donation level selection is working but the auto popuating of the amount is not, contact support. There is a site-wide parameter that allows you to exclude the ability to pass certain kinds of parameters through the URL for a donation form. By default set.Value is excluded, contact support and ask them to remove "Value" from this site parameter and your hidden input should work as expected.