When updating your form, ensure that the fields in the PDF form are named to correspond with the fields via the backend. The Offline Donation Form must also be an editable PDF. The form must also follow a specific naming convention:
  • Event specific forms should be named TRGiftForm.XXXX.pdf where XXXX is the numeric ID/ fr_ID of an individual TeamRaiser event
  • If your form is not event specific, follow the naming convention TRGiftForm.pdf

Once the form has been completed, attach it to a new support case with the TeamRaiser name and ID if necessary, Contact Support and reference this article. 

When the upload is complete, you can generate links to the forms by entering the desired link text into the field under the "Print PDF Gift Form (Not User Editable)" section of the TeamRaiser page you would like the link to appear on (such as the Default Personal Page).

Note: There is a different process to implement a TeamRaiser PDF Gift Forms Upload in a Multilocale site.