This will happen if you have a field on the donation form that is required but not visible. The form will not validate without information for that field, but the user can't enter in any information because they can't see the field.
  1. Go to edit your donation form
  2. Go to step 3, "Design Donor Screens"
  3. Next to the donation form, click "edit"
  4. For each of the different data elements defined on the right hand side scroll box, click on the element and edit it. For any field where a user can enter information, you should see " Is this field visible on the Donation form?". If that checkbox is not checked, see if this data element is required. There will generally be another checkbox asking if the field is required, but some fields must be required so you will not have that checkbox.
Things to keep in mind:
  • The Standard Donation Level field is required by default and cannot be set to not be required. Even if you only have one donation level, make sure that this field is visible, otherwise there will be no way for the system to know to use that donation level.
  • Just because a field is marked as visible in the UI does not mean that it is actually visible in the form. Sometimes developers will add javascript captions to the page that "hide" some elements on the form. For example, I might only want the donor to see the "Honoree" field if they answer yes when you ask if they would like to make this gift in honor of someone. But if a donor decides they don't want to make the gift in honor of someone, they'll never get the chance to fill out that "Honoree" field. Thus if you make the "Honoree" field required, some donors will not be able to submit their form because they could not fill in a required field. If you would like to have some fields required if and only if the donor answered a certain way to another question, you will need additional javascript to make this happen.