Generally, no, but it depends on the specifics of the eReceipt options enabled, the options enabled on the donation form itself, and the selections that the individual donor makes.  

The summary-level rule of thumb is that an eReceipt is only generated for donations where a credit card charge or direct debit draft is authorized to take place immediately; donations where the charge or draft is not authorized to occur until a future date do not generate an eReceipt.  

A more explicit description of the behavior is that an eReceipt is generated when both of the following conditions are true:
  1. eReceipts are enabled on the donation form in question for the method of payment that the donor selects [Credit Card or Direct Debit only, eReceipts are not available for the "Bill me later" pledge payment method]
  2. AND The donor selects "One-time gift" as the type of gift, OR: the donor selects "Installments" or "Recurring gift" as the type of gift AND the schedule/frequency that the donor selects for that gift makes the first payment due immediately.