1. Confirm the NetCommunity components are all on the latest and matching version
    • Check the version of NetCommunity by opening NetCommunity plugin in The Raiser's Edge>Click Options>About
    • Confirm all the components show the same version
    • If you are On Premise and host NetCommunity locally, you may also check the version from the testconfig
    • Note: If the versions do not match, and you notice the Raiser's Edge Web Service version is behind the NetCommunity, update the Raiser's Edge Web Service
    • If the behavior persists when all versions are matching, proceed to next steps
  2. If this is occurring for only a couple users
  3. Run the Repair Utility on the Raiser's Edge server and Raiser's Edge WebServices server. Also make sure that both servers are on the same version after completing the Repair process and getting the version patches upgraded back to their previous state prior to the Repair.
    • Note: A repair operation will reset the version on the workstation to the base, non-patched version.