There are three options available to resolve this issue:

1. If this is occuring for only a couple users, then you can delete one of the user records to break the link between Blackbaud NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge, then follow the solution below to restore the delete user record and restore the link to their Raiser's Edge record.

How to restore or undelete a deleted Blackbaud NetCommunity user or restore a deleted signup request in the plugin

2. Run the Repair Utility on the Raiser's Edge server and Raiser's Edge WebServices server. Also make sure that both servers are on the same version after completing the Repair process and getting the version patches upgraded back to their previous state prior to the Repair.

Note: A repair operation will reset the version on the workstation to the base, non-patched version.

3. Check your testconfig page to verify your Blackbaud NetCommunity version on Raiser's Edge WebServices Server is the same as your Live Blackbaud NetCommunity environment. 

You can locate the version mismatch in this section: RE7 WS Version

It will appear with this warning: WARNING RE7Service version (6.XX.XXX.XX) does not match Blackbaud NetCommunity version (6.XX.XXX.X).

To resolve, follow the directions provided through this solution: RE7Service version (x.x.x.x) does not match NetCommunity version (x.x.x.x)