The following steps are designed to "get you to the letters" as quickly as possible so a user can make edits to existing templates. If further changes or new letters need to be created, please refer to full directions in the following Knowledgebase solution: How to make changes to letters created with the Mail Merge Wizard.

1. Open the existing parameter in Mail.

2.  From File Menu > Go to Save As and save a new copy with a new name. (This step is to save your previous work.)

3.  On General tab, press Include and attach one record. (This record must have a gift to acknowledge that meets the criteria in the set-up. Adding just one record saves time when editing several letters.)

4.  When attached, press Send to Word Merge Wizard button at top. 

5.  When prompted if you wish to mark letters as Acknowledged, press No. (You’re just editing, not running actual letters.)

6.  Press Next until one of the following occurs:

a.  If simple mail merge is selected, press Edit Merge Document button when you see it to update the letter
b.  If conditional mail merge is selected, when you see the list of letters, double-click on the row. A new window will pop-up. Then press Edit Merge Document to work on the letter.

7.  After editing the letter in Word, click Add-Ins in top menu bar. You should see a Raiser’s Edge add-in. Press Save and Return to The Raiser’s Edge. Repeat steps 6b and step 7 for each letter of a conditional merge.

8.  Back in the wizard, press Next until you reach last screen and see fields to name and save the final merge. Press Finish to view the merge. Or press Cancel if you are only editing and not performing actual merge.

9.  Press Save and Close from main mail parameter to save the changes.