Permissions that include the following level of security, "This permission grants access to the Image Library, Document Library, and Affiliate Content."
  • Content - All Authoring
  • Content - All Management
  • Content - Pagebuilder Authoring Only
  • Content - Pagebuilder Management Only
  • Content - Photo Album Authoring Only
  • Content - Photo Album Management Only
  • Content - StoryBuilder Authoring Only
  • Content - StoryBuilder Management Only

Sample steps for doing so,
  1. While logged in, click "Constituent 360" > "Group"
  2. Select "Administrator Group List" tab
  3. In the list of admin groups, find the desired admin group or create a new one
  4. Next to it, select "Edit Permission"
  5. Select "Content - All Management" from the drop down menu and click "Choose". This is where you can pick which level of access to give the administrator.
  6. Chose any of the above levels of security and then click "Save"