This error can occur if The Financial Edge.msi was used instead of the Setup.exe when installing on a workstation.  We recommend that you always run setup.exe to install The Financial Edge and The Education Edge.

To resolve the error:
  1. Uninstall the Financial Edge or the Education Edge from the workstation.
  2. Run setup.exe to install (video demo included) the Financial Edge or the Education Edge on the workstation from your shared Deploy folder located on your Blackbaud Management Console (BMC) server.  This will ensure that all the required pre-requisites are installed correctly.
If the issue continues to persist after the above steps are performed on a single workstation, there may be a problem with the Windows installation itself.  Refer to the Microsoft Article Program can't start because it is missing MSVCR71.dll for steps to assist in troubleshooting this issue further.   Note: We provide links to third-party websites in an effort to help you resolve your issue. We are not responsible for the information on third-party websites, and we cannot assist with implementing the resolution from these websites.