The chief difference between the characters is if there is tokenized credit card information present in The Raiser's Edge: 

If you see asterisks, the number will appear as this ************1111. This means that the credit card number is stored as a token ("tokenized") in the database via Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS). If BBPS is present, tokenized credit card numbers can be stored on:

  • Bio2/Org2 tabs,
  • Pledge gift records (with Pay Method of credit card)
  • Recurring Gift gift records (with Pay Method of credit card)
  • Credit Card Number field in batch
The asterisks do not indicate if the credit card is associated with an active account and will be processed successfully. The asterisks only indicate that the token is present and can be utilized in a Batch for processing. It is at the time of processing that approval/rejection codes appear to indicate if a card has been charged or not. 

Please refer to the following regarding setting up Blackbaud Payment Service: How to register for Blackbaud Payment Service.

If you see question marks, the number will appear as this ????????????1111. The question mark is a placeholder only. There is no token/credit card number associated with the gift information when question marks are in the credit card number field. A credit card gift with question marks present in the credit card number field will NOT process successfully.

For example, when processing a recurring batch or processing recurring gifts / pledges that have tokenized credit card information stored, the result gift records (such as Pay-Cash and Recurring Gift Pay-Cash records) will have question marks in the credit card number field. For future gifts/payments, the active credit card token can remain on the pledge / recurring gift record or stored in the recurring batch. But its associated Pay-Cash/Cash gifts have question marks because these gift records do not generate future payments.

The question marks can appear on all gift record types where Credit Card can be selected as a pay method.

For more information on processing credit cards in The Raiser's Edge, refer to How to process credit cards and direct debits in The Raiser's Edge.