To register an individual for a TeamRaiser event:
  1. Go to "Fundraising" > "TeamRaiser"
  2. Next to the TeamRaiser in question click "Manage"
  3. Click on "Register a Participant"
  4. If the individual already has a contact record in Constituent360, type their name into the box next to "Find Constituent" and select their record in the pop-up window. Otherwise, enter in the participant's contact information.
  5. Assign the participant a registration type and fundraising goal
  6. If the default registration fee listed is not appropriate, check the box next to "Other Registration Fee Payment" and enter a custom fee
  7. Choose a payment method. If the participant has already paid, cash or check will not charge the individual but will just record that they have paid. If you would like to charge their card, choose the option for "Credit Card"
Note: If the individual does not already have a contact record, the registration process will create a contact record for them.