It's best not to delete the user or overwrite inactive user records with new user data. Doing this would prevent you from tracking the history of past users and the records associated with them, which may be useful information down the road. Simply deactivate users when they are no longer using Luminate CRM or Common Ground and create a new record for each new user. Inactive users do not use a license so keeping them in your system will not cause a need to purchase more licenses.

To deactivate a user's login so that he or she can no longer use the   service:
  • Click Setup, Manage Users, Users.
  • Click Edit next to a user's  name.
  • Deselect the Active check box.
  • Click Save.

If the user is a member of account, sales, or case teams, Salesforce will prompt you to remove him or her from those teams.
Tips on Deactivating Users

Consider the following when deactivating users:
  • Deactivated users are removed from all groups, queues, and sharing privileges. However, you can still transfer their data to other users and view their name on the Users page.
  • Deactivated users continue to own opportunities and appear in forecasts and territories. When users are deactivated, their opportunity forecast overrides, adjusted total overrides, and manager's choice overrides on subordinates' forecasts are frozen. However, the manager of a deactivated user can apply manager's choice overrides to that user's forecasts. Rollup amounts will be kept current. If a deactivated user is later reactivated, the user can resume normal work as before. For more information on territories, see the Salesforce help on "What is Territory Management?".
  • A deactivated user does not count against your organization¿s available user licenses. However, deactivating a user does not reduce the number of licenses for which your organization is billed; you must change your organization's license count to change your billing.
  • You cannot deactivate a user selected as a Customer Portal Administrator. For more information, see the Salesforce help on Enabling Customer Portal Login and Settings.
  • You cannot deactivate a user that is selected in a custom hierarchy field even if you delete the field. You must delete and permanently erase the field first. For more information, see the Salesforce help on Managing Deleted Custom Fields.