1. Go to the Reports tab
  2. Click New Report
  3. Expand the Donations folder and select Donations and then click the Create button
  4. On the Report creation page change the drop down that says Tabular Format and select Matrix Format in the Preview Pane
  5. On the Fields selector scroll down to the folder titled Accounts : General
  6. Click on Account Name and drag it to the Preview Pane where the text "Drop a field here to create a row grouping." is present.
  7. In the Preview Pane find the Amount column and hover over the field
  8. Click the down arrow and select Summarize this Field
  9. Check the checkbox under Sum and click Apply
  10. In the Filters section above the Preview Pane you should have Close Date selected in the Date Field selector.  Change the range to your desired time frame, i.e. Previous CY, Current FY, etc.
  11. Click Save and name your Report
  12. Click Save and Run
Useful Tips:
  • If you only want to see the totals for each Account then click the Hide Details button
  • If you wish to export the summary information to Excel then don't use Export Details.  As the name says it will only export the details of the report.  Instead use Printable View.  This will download an excel file with the summary information.