The first thing that must be verified in all such instances is the address. The single authority on addresses is USPS. Their website here has a tool to look up the official address. Once you have the correct address according to USPS, you can check the other resources below for details.
  • Note that  P.O.Box addresses are tricky. The district mapping reflects the district where the P.O.Box is located, not necessarily the district where the constituent lives and is reflected on their voter registration card. If the constituent may need to use their physical address in these cases so as to be properly put in the correct district.
Once you have the correct zip code, check the district data stored on the constituent's profile:
  1. Go to Constituent360 > Constituents.
  2. Search for and view the desired constituents.
  3. In the Advocacy Information Section you will see what stored district data we have.
To verify which representatives represent a constituent, use the constituents full zip and use one or more of the following to try to verify the representative: To verify which district an elected official represents use the following: To verify Luminate Online's configuration: If using the tools above you find some or all of the data to be incorrect, contact support. For information on how frequently we can update this kind of data, see BB752973. To work around some of these problems until the data is updated by using our constituent override feature of our Constituent360 application.
  • Go to Constituent360 > Contacts,
  • Search for constituent.
  • Edit contact record and fill in the manual override form fields for each district that is incorrect