Use the Tribute Information fields to capture this information.  These fields will display after the product has been added to the shopping cart. 
  1. Create a new product or edit an existing product in the eCommerce store.  Configure the product (description, pricing, etc.) as desired.  See Managing Your eCommerce Products for more details.
  2. In Step 8, Tribute Configuration, mark the checkbox for "This product can have a tribute message with it."
  3. Edit the Tribute Section Header to reflect the information you'd like to collect, such as "Enter your team information below." 
  4. Edit the Tribute Instructions or leave this blank.
  5. Unmark the checkbox for "Yes, show a selection list of tribute types."
  6. For "Tributee Name or Names", change the Name Field Labels to appropriate titles, such as "Team Member 1".  This is where the user is prompted to enter the information. 
  7. Disable the Tribute Message and Tribute Closing sections.
  8. If more than three text fields are needed, change the Field Labels in the "Tribute Signature or Signatures" section.  Otherwise, disable these fields.
  9. Repeat these steps for each product in the eCommerce store.
Please note that information captured in these fields can ONLY be accessed using the eCommerce Fulfillment Report.  The Tribute Information fields are not available in other eCommerce reports or in reports run using Report Writer.  For greater reporting flexibility and additional question types, configure events using the Events module or TeamRaiser.