There are a few factors that determine whether a constituent will or will not be sent an email message in Luminate Online.
  • The constituent does not accept email. To confirm this:
  1. Select Constituent360 > Constituents
  2. Search for the unintended recipient in Constituent360
  3. Click View
  4. Make sure "Accepts Email" is set to "Yes". If it is set to "No," then they have expressed that they no longer want to receive emails and will be filtered out of email sends. 
  • The constituent is in one of the "Do Not Email" groups - If the constituent is in just one of the "Do Not Email" groups, even if they are in one of the target groups, they will not receive the email.
  • The constituent has hard bounce status. To confirm this:
    1. Search for the unintended recipient in Constituent360
    2. View the constituent record
    3. Make sure "Email Status" is not set to "Bad (Hard Bounce)". This means that we have received multiple hard bounces from that email address, so those addresses will be filtered out of all email sends. If you believe this is in error, you can change this by editing their profile and choosing "Unknown".
  • The constituent has already received this email message before. All email sends have a built-in filter that filters out anyone who has already received the same email message before. The only way around this is to copy the email message so it is a new message with the same content and send again. To confirm that a constituent has already received the message:
  1. Search for the constituent in Constituent360
  2. Click View
  3. Select the Interactions tab
  4. Click on the link that says "Emails Sent"
  5. Look for the name of the email you sent.
If none of these situations apply to your scenario and if you sent a scheduled email, then the issue could be due to when your email audience was calculated