The common cause for this situation is due to the initial registration not being submitted with a Family Name. To resolve this situation, login through the Family/Team Leader's Participant HQ with the following steps:

1. Access the FAF event Homepage and click the Login button/Main Login in Participant Center
2. Click Edit my Profile under the "My To Do List" section
3. Update the Family Name field
    Note: This may be displaying as "no_name"
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Update button

After making this change, all participants that login to the family page should see the following content:

1. The following content will display on the browser tab: "[Family Name from Step 3 above]'s Personal Page for 2014 Valley Forge, PA Walk"
2. The following content will display just above the comment section at the bottom of the page: "Leave an encouraging note for [Family Name from Step 3 above]"