1. Click Mail, then Labels and Envelopes
2. Click to create a new Label
3. On the General tab choose to create labels for: Student relationships
4. Mark to create an output query of: Related records
5. On the Fields to include tab, select any field (it does not matter what field you choose here)
6. On the Filters tab, choose the filters you want for your students, like Active billing status
7. On the Relationship Filters tab, choose to limit results to:
-Payers: Exclude
-Statement recipients: Include only 
8. Click Preview
9. In the next screen, you will be prompted to create a static query. Name this something to the effect of "Statement recipients who are not payers", and click Save. 
10. When the preview pops up, just exit out of it.
11. In Query, locate the query you named in step 9
12. On the output tab of the query, select what information you wish to see about your statement recipients who are not payers
13. Click Run to view your results. 
**Note that to get updated results in the future, you will have to re run your label to create the output query you need, as these results will not update in the original query.**