We can update the credit cards that are available within eTapestry by adding these credit card types in the System Defined Fields section and then updating, saving and going live with the DIY form.  Here are the steps we would follow to add additional Credit Cards as well as updating the DIY form to show those credit cards:

1. Click Management
2. Click System Defined Fields
3. Click Credit/Debit Card Card
4. In the Add Value section, type the name of the credit card you wish to add, then click Add Value
5. Continue above step until all needed Credit Card types are added.
6. Click Save and Finish

At this point, we have all of the credit cards added to eTapestry that we need to have on the DIY form.  Here are the steps to update the DIY form to show these updated credit cards.

1. Click Management
2. Click DIY forms
3. Click Edit next to the DIY form that you wish to update
4. Click the Settings button in the top left
5. Without changing anything, click the Update button at the bottom of the page
6. Click Go Live
7. Click Yes, Go Live when asked if you are ready to publish this page
8. Click Replace

Now, when accessing the DIY form and selecting a credit card from the drop down options, all of the credit card types that are saved in the database will be available.