Blackbaud does not recommend copying and pasting directly from a Microsoft product into a Communication Template as our Communication Templates uses an editor that reads HTML code. Whenever you copy and paste content, the content will carry with it the formatting commands/code that Word (or another program) places on it, which is not valid HTML code. This results in eTapestry being unable to read some of the code, and this can cause some issues with the formatting of your document or email.

Rather than copy your text from Word, we recommend first copying your text over to a Notepad document. Saving the content in Notepad will strip out any coding that might cause issues. Here are the steps you will want to follow:
  1. Copy your text into a plain text file, Notepad document
  2. Save this file and close it. This should strip out any coding used that would not be properly read by HTML
  3. Re-open the file
  4. Copy and paste the text from Notepad into your eTapestry template
You may have to readjust some formatting (font, font size, styles, etc.), but it should not cause the formatting problems copying and pasting directly from Word would.

If you have images that also need to be inserted into the template, click How To Insert Image in Communications Template.