Recommended Steps, in order, for setting up an Email in a Participants HQ: 
  1. Import Email Address/es or Manually add Email Address to the Participant HQ Address book.
How to import your personal address book to your FAF Participant HQ address book (BB733701) 
  1. Create your Message within a Text editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++.
  2. Access the Email Tab after logging into your FAF event
  3. Copy and Paste your Message Content into the Body of the Message and edit as needed
    • Note: It is recommended that you click the Save Template often during this process as there is a timeout period within the application where content will be lost.
  4. Review this document for further information on this subject: How much time does a participant have before the Participant HQ logs them out (BB737315)
  5. Import the Address book into the Message and Type in your Greetings as appropriate
  6. Send your Message

    Overall, our recommendations are to create the content of the message outside of the editor as a backup, unless you are clicking the Save Template button often. This way your message content will not be lost.

    Note: The Greeting and Email addresses will not save along with the Save Template button presses, which is why we recommend uploading your Email Addresses to your Address Book first for importing into the message as the final step.
    This way you can import the Email Addresses and generate the Greetings, then send the Message immediately following this step
  • If you are working in a template and edit the template, then click Send Email without saving the template, the most recent text within the body will be sent.