In order to edit a custom header image, you must have access to the design tool

First, upload the new Image/Header/Banner to the Image Library:

  1. Go to Control > Administration > Tools > Image Library
  2. Click upload and browse for the image
  3. Click Upload
  4. Copy the image URL listed under the URL column. For example: /AccountTempFiles/Account000000/images/admin.jpg
Next, edit the header image in the event:
  1. Go to Communities>Special Events>Friends Asking Friends>Kinterathon
  2. Hover over the event name and click Website Info
  3. Click Front Page Customization or Website Design
  4. Search for the existing image URL
  5. Replace the existing image URL by pasting the new URL in its place
  6. Click Save
  7. Go back to the Webinfo Checklist in the breadcrumb list and click the green Publish This Event Now button