Yes,besides the normal site logout procedure surveys can be set up to automatically log out a user once complete, and then redirect back to the main survey page for future attempts.  This is done through the NEXTURL feature, and will also allow you to create custom Thank You pages.

This can be done with the following steps:

1. First step will be to customize your own Thank You page for successful submissions. This is where we'll place our custom Logout link. To complete this you'll simply want to go to Content>PageBuilder and make a new page.

2. Enter in any thank you text and then customize a Logout/Redirect button, this can be done via the NEXTURL argument. This argument allows you to specify which page a user is taken to after submitting a form within Luminate.

Create a login link by choosing the type of link from the 'Links' dropdown. In this example, this would be 'User Registration'.
Choose 'Options' next to the link and add 'Logout' for our example.
In the 'Additional Arguments' text box, enter the NEXTURL argument and it's value as:


* Where "link" is the page the users should be redirected to after being logged out, in this case our empty survey.

3. Publish the PageBuilder Page.

4. Edit our survey, and go to 11. Survey Submitted Page. Here is where you'll want to paste in the URL for the PageBuilder page. Ignore the Select option.

5. Save the survey.

What this should accomplish is that when a survey is taken, it redirects to our new custom Thank You page. When clicking our custom Logout link it will then log them out, and automatically take us back to a new survey form. The cycle will then repeat.